Varkiza Apartment
Varkiza Apartment

Varkiza, Athens, Greece


Year: 2018-2019

Status: Completed

The project is about the interior design of a 104sqm apartment in Varkiza. Our primary objective was the rearrangement of the spatial layout, in order to meet the user’s functional and aesthetic needs. Existing elements have been preserved and enhanced, like the distinct marble floors, the parquet, as well as the “window” between the kitchen and the living room. The neutral color palette and the materials that were used in natural tones (white, light gray and ash blue) infuse a fresh interpretation to the space, creating a warm and welcoming environment.


A lot of spatial features are custom-made structures, especially adapted to the space’s particular characteristics, with emphasis on the details, both design-wise and construction-wise. As far as lighting is concerned, linear lights have been used, to heighten the overall aesthetic of minimal and clean volumes and surfaces.

Regarding the design of the ground floor rooms, being a summer accommodation, emphasis has been given in providing large, fully private yards with a swimming pool and two sitting areas. The privacy between the suites is achieved by dividing walls which prevent visual contact at the height of the sitting areas, but gradually lower and open the view as we move towards the pool and the vegetation areas.

There is a variety of architectural elements in the landscape design, such as small recesses in the dividing walls for the placement of decorative elements, large recesses combined with small built pedestals, which are alternative sitting areas next to the pool, inlaid natural rocks, many of which can also be used as a seat, built levels with curved finishes, which can also be used for placing decoration items, pots, or as seating. The purpose of creating the above elements is to enhance the spontaneous and unprescribed space appropriation, associated with relaxation around the water element.

The main intention for the landscape design is to create a sense of a neighborhood for the visitor, which results from the diversity of routes and the possibilities of movements in the complex. A perimeter route is the main way to access the suites. Secondary routes, alleys, as well as more private paths through the vegetation areas lead to the suites’ entrances and the private yards.

The formation of the natural landscape has been decided to be mostly Mediterranean – xerophytic, bushy, dry, with cactuses, palm trees, aromatic plants, fruitless mulberry trees and century old olive trees, combining characteristics encountered in the Greek islands. The aim is to activate the visitor’s sensory interest in order to create a diverse, friendly and relaxed atmosphere through the natural landscape and its micro-areas (designed with areas of interest, creation of routes with different sensory characteristics), the curved elements and the combination of the materials throughout the accommodation.


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